If I Only Knew That Night Was The Last One!

Worse than suffer for all the eternity because a night, is suffer because you do not knew that was the last night. Just a child can understand that, because is like take the last cracker of the box and do not know about. It is as you open your fridge and figure out the chocolate you saved for a week is missing!

Mariah Carey know everything about it and tell us in that perfect video. Then, take your beer and tighten play.

You can see in video, she haves an expression’s mix, she keeps your suffered voice but her look is dreamer and bright. It is translating: The night was AMAZING, and she cannot stops smile just remembering about that night and all details; however, inside she is dying, because nobody let her know that night was the last one. Now she wants desperately to live that night again, aware is the last one. We know that will not happen.

I can bet, is this moment you already traveled through that night about you do not knew was the last one. You scratched your head, pursed your lips and you wanted hit your head on the wall. Now you are cursing God and all the saints, especially that guy who do not let you know about that night was the last one. Then, before you do a big shit, take an ice shower!

Few things hurt so much as something not so well resolved, and somehow last night not warning is something not so well resolved, because something inside us do not receiving information that is over, because we does not process that at the right time and we get frustrated.

Then, friend, here is a tip: for it not happens again, and you to have hard moments and collateral effects, face all the nights as the last one. The night will be amazing, because you will enjoy so much think is the last one and you will not be frustrated!

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